Fiery Crash in Toyota 100 Ends Day

To put into words what happened Saturday night, is harder than it may seem. But to put into words how grateful I am, is easy.

I’m grateful for my dad and crew who built me a car that was safe enough to get me through a crash many drivers would say is “their worst nightmare”. I’m grateful that the safety devices I use each and every race, worked as they should.

I’m apologetic yet thankful that Tyler Tanner and Jeff Knight were able to walk away with minor injuries. Every driver faces the fear of the unknown as to what could unfold each and every time we get into a race car and I look forward to the opportunity of getting to compete with such class acts again soon.

I’m grateful for everyone who has reached out to me near and far to make sure I was ok, I sincerely thank you. Seeing the videos and still photos truly bring to light what a blessing life is and how quickly it can flash before your eyes.

With the help of my sponsors and crew we will work tirelessly to bring the 12 back to Evergreen Speedway September 2nd. We look forward to seeing you all as we continue our chase.


“Live every moment, Love beyond words, Laugh everyday”

Tianna Moriarity


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