Top 5 for Trenton Moriarity Racing at The Fair

FEAR has two meanings “forget everything and run” or “face everything and rise” …..

If I’ve learned anything in the last few weeks it’s that you can’t take life for granted but also you can’t run away when “the going gets tough”. Up until the fire, we were having what seemed to be “a perfect” season. While we weren’t winning every race, we were keeping consistent and our car was coming home “in one piece”. After the crash we could have thrown in the towel. By “we” I mean my team, my family, my teams families, my sponsors, and those who support me each week.

But “we” didn’t. So much time, effort, and support went into building this race car this past winter to turn around and do it again with a much shorter window to completion was a task no one backed down from. What my team continues to prove is there is no mountain they won’t climb for me and that’s what I may take away most from this 2017 season, we’re in this to the finish.

With that being said; this past Saturday we qualified fast time and felt like we had rebuilt “the car to beat”. However, our night didn’t go to plan with what we hoped would be a podium finish. We were able to come through the field not once, but twice to finish the night 4th and our car “in one piece”.

We head into championship night, where we wanted to be with hopes to cap off this season and all of the hard work, time and dedication where we currently sit. I hope to see you all out at Evergreen Speedway one last time for 2017 on September 16th.



Tianna Moriarity

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