Where do we race?


Evergreen Speedway is located within the confines of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Wa.  The stadium can accommodate up to 7500 spectators in the covered grandstand and an additional 5000 in the uncovered modular grandstands.  The layout of the track is unique in that it incorporates a 5/8-mile paved outer oval, a 1/8-paved drag strip, a nationally renowned figure-eight track, a 1/5-mile oval and a 3/4-mile road course.  Evergreen Speedway was tabbed the “Super Speedway of the West” by David Pearson on one of his to this historic NASCAR track.  Evergreen played host to many NASCAR 500 lap events before California and Nevada built their super-speedways.  Today Evergreen Speedway is home to the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, the K&N Pro Series West, as well as Formula Drift.


What do we race?


Super Late Models are the premier divisions of asphalt short track racing in the United States and Canada.  They typically feature 600+ horse power engines under the hood of a custom-built chassis weighing around 2,750 lbs. with bodies constructed from fiberglass.  This standard along with the widespread use of this style of racecar allows teams to not only compete at local tracks but also to travel throughout the country at several events nationwide.




The Ideal Marketing Platform


Motorsports fans are dedicated and loyal as they consciously purchase the product and services of the sponsors and businesses involved in motorsports.

Motorsports helps to deliver sales with maximum impact. Race teams offer a highly-visible, exciting and memorable advertising medium which will enhance your business’ image by conveying competitiveness, innovation and a winning attitude.

Motorsports creates a low dollar value per exposure ratio. When you factor in the buying power and loyalty of racing fans.  Motorsports is an advertising medium that cannot be equaled

Motorsports is a family-oriented sport and has a strong appeal to the youth demographic. While also being influential in creating brand awareness.

The Racing Fan

  • Average Age: 40 yrs. old
  • Average Household Income: $50K+
  • 60% Male
  • 69% age 18-54
  • 30% college grad
  • 39% of fans have children under 18
  • Over 90% of race fans are loyal to companies who support racing


Brand awareness and customer base

Participation with Trenton Moriarity enables the sponsor to become directly associated with the heroes and next superstars of the sport.  In addition, racing is the only sport in which event promoters and teams encourage sponsor participation and work with advertisers to showcase logos and brand names while the athletes are in focus.  Sponsors capitalize on fan enthusiasm and heightened senses real zing significant gains in brand awareness and long-term sales through quality repeat impression.  Motorsports offers a broad-based affluent audience of enthusiastic consumers who are loyal to racing sponsors.  97% of fans surveyed stated they always favor products and services of sponsors associated with racing.  Fan identification with racing heroes and their attempts to emulate their heroes, pre- dispose the motorsports fan to favor products and services which are associated with team and event sponsors.  During an event weekend, the race fan spends several hours in the confines of the racing facility while being exposed repeatedly to the sponsors message, colors, logos and products.

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